How to run The Witcher in Windows 7

I looked around everywhere on the internet, looking for a way to run The Witcher on Windows 7; but alas, one website alone could not give me the complete solution. It was only with their power combined, Captain Planet could save the day.

I have a 3.4GHz Pentium D processor, on a D945GNT board and 1.5GB RAM; and for graphics, a XFX 8600GT XXX Edition 256MB card. I play The Witcher just fine on my Windows 7 computer, with occasional crashes after very long hours of gameplay. I traced the problem to “running out of memory” of some kind. There’s a link to a HOTFIX for Vista for this problem, but Microsoft claims they solved the issue on Windows 7. So maybe I run out of some other memory.

But thanks to Witchers creative autosave, every time the game crashed, I didn’t lose much gameplay.

The only reason why Witcher wouldn’t run on Windows 7 is because of TAGES Copy Protection being not compatible with Windows 7. So go to and download the latest Tages driver compatible with Windows 7. Install it, and launch witcher. Use the launcher, or the executable inside the system folder, or was it the bin folder. Nevertheless, the launcher is quick and easy.

The 1.5 patch at should remove the need for the DVD being in the drive, and also remove tages protection. To go for 1.5, you’d need to install 1.4 patch first. It’s pretty huge (990MB+) if I remember right. I installed 1.1a and 1.2 patches, and got the game working. I also installed GamesForWindows from Microsoft, hoping that would solve my earlier problems, but I don’t think that helped.

If you STILL have problems, get the mini image from, and mount using daemon tools lite, or any application of your choice. This game has no cracks yet, and the no-dvd crack at gamecopyworld didn’t work for me.



  1. Hello. I have tried to use the tags but a message keeps appearing saying that “The program can’t start because binkw32.dll is missing from yor computer” what can i do to fix this because the tags don’t help.


    1. you could do a google search and download the file binkw32.dll, and try placing it in the folder you installed the game at, along with all the other game files. or try uninstalling and then reinstalling the game. either should work.


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